Bridal Jewellery Shopping Tips For The Prudent Bride


Bridal Jewellery Shopping Tips For The Prudent Bride

Jewellery shopping is one of the significant tasks that you have to perform as a bride. While this is a significant task, it is also a very expensive task, with all the heavy necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles, nath, and maangtikkas to be bought. Despite the fact that bridal jewellery has always been the traditional heavy designs in gold, set with gemstones, kundan stones, and meenakari motifs, today’s brides are more of the contemporary taste who want to do things the smarter way. If you are one of them finding ways to make your jewellery shopping a smart one, one that slides along with the contemporary tastes of today, without letting go of the traditional feel, while also keeping everything within budget, here are some easy shopping tips for you.

If your jewellery is an investment

Earlier, brides always kept their wedding jewellery sets with them for years as a remembrance of that one wonderful moment that changed their lives, today brides are more practical than emotional. They want to look their best on their D-day, but they know that they can’t wear that heavy jewellery ever again, at least not unless there is a grand celebration or another wedding in their family. So, what they do is sell off their wedding jewellery to get a handsome amount of money, which they can use to buy other lighter kind of jewellery to be worn on other festivals and occasions. So, if you want to buy your wedding jewellery only as a one-time wear and an investment purpose, gold is the best bet. Diamonds and pearls may look beautiful, but don’t have a good resale value like gold.

Go modular!

We all know about modular kitchens and modular furniture, but what is modular jewellery? It is those kinds of pieces that are detachable, or can be worn in different ways even after the wedding to suit the occasion. Get in touch with an experienced and versatile jeweller that can help design the jewellery you need in the most modular way so that you can use your jewellery even after your wedding. In this way, you can pay for one heavy piece of jewellery, while converting them into multiple lighter jewellery pieces in the future – a different piece for every occasion!

The right balance

You don’t need to get all decked up for your wedding. We know that all eyes are going to be on you on this special day, but that doesn’t mean you become a mannequin showcasing all the heavy jewellery pieces you can carry the load of. If your bridal lehenga itself is really heavy, you can take some load off your shoulders by wearing a lighter set of jewellery. If you are on a budget, worry not about what the audience will say. Wear a heavy lehenga and a lighter set of jewellery that complements it in a classy way. What you can do is buy heavy statement earrings instead.

Mom’s jewellery

Instead of shopping for your bridal jewellery, just see what your mom has got, and if you can match it up elegantly with your lehenga. It’s quite possible you’re your mom may be having bridal jewellery pieces that never go out of fashion. After all, wearing heirloom pieces can make you feel special, and can be styles in really cool ways. You may wear them as they are, or get them modified or reinvented for your wedding. This will save you on a good lot of money!

With these tips and tricks, you can definitely save on a load of money, and get amazing pieces within your budget! And, for better tricks and designs, you can always walk into Aura Jewels, the best customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, with experienced artisans and designers working in a team for years together to bring successful outcomes.