Bridal Jewellery That Never Goes Out of Fashion


Bridal Jewellery That Never Goes Out of Fashion

You are probably a bride-to-be, and this is why you are most likely to be on this page. It’s absolutely normal for a bride-to-be to be searching every nook and corner to make the best choices for everything from clothes and jewellery to the right salon; the right venue to the right menu; the right invitations to the right rituals. But, as normal as it is, preparing for it is equally tiresome and challenging. As jewellery manufacturers, we will speak about only bridal jewellery shopping in this blog.

Bridal jewellery shopping is one of the most challenging tasks. After all, after your garments selections, it is the jewellery choice that is important, because it is the jewellery that will either enhance the vigour, or spoil the entire mood of the garment. While you may love to experiment and be the “hatke” bride, it is always better to be safe when it comes to getting ready for your wedding. You don’t want to experiment too much only to regret later for what you choose now. This is why it is always better to be on the safe side by choosing what is never going to fail you. And to help you with that, we have brought forward the top 5 bridal jewellery styles that are never going to go out of fashion. So, you can always choose from these to rest assured that you won’t be going out-of-line.


This type is where precious and semi-precious gemstones are embedded into a base mould made of thin sheets of gold. The finesse of the jadau cannot be compromised with, which is why the artisans need to be amazingly experienced and skillful.


This type includes rough, unfinished, and uncut diamonds set in a gold setting. These diamonds shine brighter and exhibit more luster, because of their natural form. The gold sheets hold the diamonds in place, creating a mould for the stones to sit in, and further adding to the shine and luminescence. It is this extra shine that makes Polki jewellery an expensive purchase.


Goes without saying, Kundan is one of the most loved and common pieces of a bridal jewellery collection. This type of jewellery has basically the same setting as Polki, but with the difference being that glass is used in kundan jewellery, instead of the diamonds used in polki.


Another graceful jewellery type is the Meenakari. Jewellery moulds are filled with coloured enamel. The basic motifs include flowers, birds, animals, plants, gods, and goddesses. This type of jewellery can be combined with Jadau or Kundan jewellery.


Temple jewellery is generally seen in the South Indian culture, but is a popular choice with other brides as well. Created in pure gold with precious and semi-precious gemstones encrusted, temple jewellery can have motifs of gods, goddesses, lotuses, swans, etc. These motifs make temple jewellery aesthetically traditional and culturally beautiful.

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