What Is The Best Investment Option For Today?


What Is The Best Investment Option For Today?

Who doesn’t want to invest? And, after the deadly results that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought, bringing upon us the lockdown for months, the damage to almost every business, the financial crisis to those paying huge hospital bills, and sudden unemployment practices, we all have understood the importance of investment more than ever before! Investments can certainly help you sail through tough times better.

While the safest bet is having an FD in the bank, and other options like mutual funds available, there is one particular investment that seems more like a luxury and availability, rather than a kept-aside investment. Confused!? We’re speaking about gold investment here. Investing in gold can help you put your money into a valuable possession, one that you can use as well as invest in to reap better profits in the future, both at the same time! When you have gold, you can use it. And, when you are in a difficult situation, you can also sell it to get cash. So, isn’t gold the best type of investment option right now?

Investing in gold bullion

Gold bullion is gold in the form of coins and bars. People are seen buying gold coins and gold bars on auspicious occasions like Akshaya Tritya and Dhanteras. You can invest in the same all the year round, whenever you’ve earned or gathered that much amount. And, the best part is that you can get pure 24K gold when you buy bars or coins.

Investing in gold jewellery

So, if you don’t want to invest in gold that just sits in your cupboard or locker, waiting for the right time to be encashed or gifted to a special someone, there’s something even better. You can invest in gold jewellery. Gold jewellery is something that you can use and wear as and when you’d like, while also giving you a possession that can help you in the future for a good resale value. However, gold in jewellery form isn’t available in the purest form because 100% pure gold cannot be moulded and held in place in any form of design. Thus, you’ll have to settle for 22K or 18K gold, which is gold mixed with alloys to make it durable and capable of holding gemstones. You can choose from a variety of options to suit your requirement. For instance, if you have a limited amount of fund to be invested, gold earrings, gold rings, gold pendants, and gold nosepins are your limited choices. But, if you have larger funds, you can opt for heavier gold chains, gold necklaces, gold bangles, gold armlets, gold anklets, gold kamarbandhs, and even complete sets! Also, you can choose to have plain gold designs, or have your jewellery studded with diamonds, pearls, or precious stones. Whatever your choice, you can simply walk in at the best customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, Aura Jewels, to have any and all kinds of jewellery types designed and made by our talented designers and artisans.