Benefits Of Silverware


Benefits Of Silverware

India has a long and ancient trend of gifting silver on weddings, house warming ceremonies, baby showers, child birth, and other such happy and significant occasions. Whether you are gifting silver because you love them and cannot afford the most precious gold, or whether you are gifting because you know the importance of silver, you are definitely doing a good job. While gifting silver puja articles is certainly auspicious, gifting silverware has its own benefits. When you gift silverware, and they use them to serve or eat in, you are helping them to boost their immunity levels. If you are wondering as to how, we’ll help you understand that.

Silver has antibacterial properties

Silver has the power to kill more than 650 types of bacteria, fungi, mold, and parasites that are risky to health and can develop a number of threatening diseases! It does so by interfering with the enzymes that enable bacteria, fungi, and viruses to use oxygen; thus stifling their growth and destroying them. Hence, when food is served in silver, it transfers these antibacterial properties to the food. This is why silver proves to be the best substitute to plastic and melamine, which are actually known to seep cancer causing chemicals into the food.

Silver has water purification properties

Just as silver disinfects food, it purifies water too. In fact, water stored in silver is known to have natural healing properties. It highly boosts immunity and this is the reason why lots of water purifiers today have silver as one of the purifying components. This property of silver has made it a great alternative to toxic plastic bottles and jugs.

Silver is non-toxic and has a cooling nature

Silver has no known health hazards, unlike major other metals. Food and water served in silver are in fact known to positively charge the body and have a cooling effect on the body; thus promoting good health.

Our ancestors and elderly definitely know all these benefits of silver, which is why the silver gifting practice. But, we today have forgotten all about it, and have associated silver with only one’s status. However, it is now time that we understand the importance and advantages of silver, and go back to our roots, sticking to simple health promoting practices. So, get out all that silverware that you have been stocking since ages, and start using them daily to reap their amazing health benefits. And, when you hear about a child birth, do some good deed and gift the parents some silver for the baby to help them proudly say that the child is born with a silver spoon, not because of their wealth, but because of the strong health that the baby will have, thanks to you.

Where to buy?

Remember, not every silver-looking thing is actually silver. The market is flooded with lots and lots of cheaper substitutes of silver. These products are made using many toxic metals like Cadmium, which can prove harmful to the body, having such silver do more harm than good. So, you need to be aware of all such fake products, and always look forward to buy genuine 92.5 Hallmark graded silver from a trusted supplier only. One such genuine supplier is Aura Jewels who always offers only genuine silver articles in Bangalore.

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