Before Buying Silver


Before Buying Silver

With gold prices only rising above and above at all-time highs, silver is found to be a cheaper alternative being purchased by a majority of shoppers this festive season. The number of silver purchases has gone up this year as Indians do not move away from following the tradition of buying precious metals this Diwali and also exchanging the same with their loved ones. While silver is not as precious as gold, but it definitely is considered valuable and appreciable. Apart from silver coins and bars, people have also invested in other silver articles like utensils, jewellery, and puja items. As the wedding season continues, there is still a lot of precious metal to be bought. And, if you want to invest in something precious too, you can always shop for silver articles in Bangalore available at Aura Jewels, a leading name in the industry of precious metals and jewellery. But, before you do, there is a lot that you need to consider. Well, if you are buying from Aura Jewels, there is nothing that you need to worry about as whatever you get here will be pure, standardized, and genuine. But, if you are buying from elsewhere, make sure to check for the below mentioned information so that you make a genuine purchase.

Check for the hallmark

Just like you must buy hallmarked gold, you must also buy only hallmarked silver. The Bureau of Indian Standards is responsible for hallmarking not only gold, but silver articles as well. There are four hallmarked signs you must look for on the silver you are planning to buy. These include the BIS logo, purity grade, hallmarking center’s identification number, and the jeweller’s identification number. Once all these four marks are identified, you can rest assured that you are buying hallmarked silver, which means pure genuine silver. Hallmarking is after all nothing but a valid proof of purity of the metal.

Check for the grade number

Now, once you know the silver is hallmarked, go on to identify the grade of silver. Grades 9999 and 9995 are considered as fine silver, which is ideal for buying coins, bars, and utensils. But, to buy silver jewellery and artifacts, you can opt for grades between 925 and 990. This is because to add strength to the metal, some amount of other metal is mixed so that silver can be moulded and formed into a required shape. Most jewelers sell 925 silver, which is known as sterling silver, and is considered as the best standard. You may ask the jewellery about the kind of metal that is added to the silver product. Generally, it will be copper or zinc.

Authorized dealer

Last but not the least, you need to be sure that you are buying from an authenticated retail outlet that deals with hallmarked products. Also, while purchasing, get a receipt so that you have an evidence of purchase. The receipt must mention the purity of silver and weight of the silver articles in Bangalore you are buying.