The Amazing Health Benefits Of Wearing Gold!


The Amazing Health Benefits Of Wearing Gold!


This may be your immediate response to reading the title of our blog today; and that’s absolutely normal. When we generally think of health benefits, we think of hygienic and organic food, dieting, exercising, medications, and the like. But, who would even think that our health could also be affected by the gold we wear!? But, it’s true! Wearing gold jewellery does have an impact on our overall health. Good or bad – let’s check it out.

Indians and gold jewellery

For centuries, jewellery has been an integral part of our Indian community, especially “gold” jewellery. An Indian girl may wear gold in the form of a simple ring, chain, or pendant, but an Indian woman, after marriage, shifts to wearing a lot of gold including earrings, necklaces, nose pin, bangles, rings, toe rings, and payals. In general, gold jewellery is certainly an integral part of our lives, if we are from an Indian household. Have you ever wondered why we Indians pay so much attention to gold jewellery, rather than silver, platinum, diamonds, pearls, or any other material? Even when we go for a wedding, or a Diwali function, we can see Indians decked up in gold.

Why Indians focus so much on gold

The reason behind the gold fad is that which has been invested in our minds by our parents and grandparents. Gold has been seen to be an important element right from the time of our ancestors; and we’ve seen our parents do that their entire life; so we also incline over investing in gold. Why our ancestors were so inclined on wearing gold, especially by the girls and ladies in the house, has a scientific belief. It’s a fact that women, in general, are physically not as strong as men. This is why girls were advised to wear gold on their body to give them the required sustenance. After marriage, girls were made to compulsory wear gold because childbirth weakened bones. So, in order to keep the women healthier and stronger, they were made to wear gold.

We agree if you say that you disagree with the above fact. It’s natural because of the so-very-advanced world that we live in. But, studies have shown that gold certainly has lots of health benefits, which we’ll be stating below.

Gold regulates body temperature

Gold naturally regulates body temperature, which is why those living with problems of frequent variations in body temperature, chills, or hot flashes are advised to wear enough gold. This is the same reason why women going through menopause are also advised to wear gold, because it is during this period that they suffer from hot flushes a lot.

Gold reduces stress and anxiety

Gold has the capabilities to soothe and relax the mind, thus helping to overcome bad mood, stress, and anxiety, and boosting confidence. Gold is thus a de-stressor.

Gold treats skin problems

We all know about the gold facials, gold waxes, and gold containing face washes. Why? Because gold has skin treatment properties. In fact, Cleaopatra used gold as an anti-aging solution, and became the epitome of beauty. Gold was also a common skin infection treatment solution during the Roman era.

Gold treats symptoms of arthritis

Arthritis causes a lot of pain in the hands and legs. Gold can being a soothing effect and reduce these symptoms. In fact, treatment with gold has been in practice by practitioners who deal with patients suffering from arthritis.

Gold boosts immunity

Gold assists in healing the nervous and endocrine systems as well. Also, acupuncturists use gold-tipped needles to alleviate pain and release energy flow in the body. All of this ensures that gold is a great healer, and immunity booster too.

Gold brings about overall wellbeing

Gold jewellery can bring about positive energy to overcome problems of your mind that is depressing or worrying you. It helps bring warm and soothing vibrations that can relax your blood vessels, and boost oxygen distribution to the cells, which in turn boosts energy levels. Thus, by boosting oxygen flow within the body, and thus blood circulation, gold brings about overall wellbeing.

Now you know that when you wear gold, you’re not only looking royal and fab, but you’re also boosting your mental and physical health. If you’ve not yet invested in your own personal collection of gold jewellery, waste no more time and walk into a customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, one like Aura Jewels, where you can discuss your preferences and choices, and have your own special designs made only for you. Invest in gold and get something more than superficial beauty!