“A Diamond Is Forever” – The Story Behind The Slogan


“A Diamond Is Forever” – The Story Behind The Slogan

Who hasn’t heard the phrase – “A diamond is forever”! But, have you ever wondered how this slogan came up? Is it because the diamond is the most brilliant shining gemstone that is sure to take away hearts for every decade and century? Or, is it because a diamond is so strong that it can be passed on through generations without being damaged or broken? It could definitely be because of any of these reasons, but let’s learn who and why exactly made this statement, such that it became so popular and remembered.

Who created the slogan?

It was Mary Frances Gerety, more famously known as just “Frances Gerety”, who created the famous slogan “A diamond is forever”. Due to the decline of diamond sales after the Great Depression, which was a severe worldwide economic depression during the 1930s, the diamond company De Beers was desperate to increase marketing strategies. The company hired Gerety as the prime copywriter for the job in 1948, to create a slogan that encapsulates the security and eternal romance of a diamond. After many unsuccessful attempts, Gerety, late one night, scribbled the slogan “A Diamond Is Forever” on a piece of paper, at the nottom of a picture of honeymoon lovers. The next morning, she presented the slogan to her associates, who were initially hesitant to use the slogan, but then went on to experiment it. And, eventually it became one of the most recognized advertising slogans of its time. In fact, the slogan has been used by De Beers in every ad since 1948, and continues to be used even today! The simple four-word sentiment that started out as just a moment of inspiration then, has become an iconic statement today.

How has the slogan proven scientifically accurate?

Diamond is one of the hardest substances known so far, with a unique chemical structure that makes it so incredibly strong. And, when its atoms are compressed at high temperature, they stick to each other forever. This chemical property of diamond clearly supports the slogan “A diamond is forever.”

After the slogan “A diamond is forever” became popular, even Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell supported the slogan by coming up with a song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, which led to the creation of an emotional bond and an eternal desire among people for the precious stone. If you also have a strong desire to own such a strong and brilliant stone in your jewellery trousseau, just walk into Aura Jewels, one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore. The diamond experts here can help you understand the genuity and properties of every diamond so that you can choose the one that best fits your choice. After all, it is important that you know what you are buying, ascertaining that you are investing a good amount of money in something that is worth it. Choose your dream diamond from our wide range of clear white and fancy coloured diamonds collection.