5 Eminent Gold Mangalsutra Designs For Working Women


5 Eminent Gold Mangalsutra Designs For Working Women

The Mangalsutra is one of the most significant jewellery pieces for every married Hindu woman. It holds a very emotional bond between the husband and wife, depicting the merging of two souls into eternity. As much as Indian wives used to wear it as a pious and sacred proof of being married in earlier times, today’s modern women also flaunt their Mangalsutra with pride, even with their western outfits. However, this significant piece, just like everything else, has also undergone quite a few modifications to suit today’s contemporary trends. While some women still wear the Mangalsutra as a simple medium-length chain of gold and black beads, with a beautiful gold pendant in the center, there are others who like to play with the styles, lengths, and designs to suit their personalities and living style. Let’s take a look at some eminent gold mangalsutra designs that you can choose from, especially when you are a working woman looking to impress those around you with your choice.

Lakshmi Mangalsutra

This one is for those wives who still hold the Indian culture close to their hearts. There’s nothing wrong in staying strongly rooted to Indian traditions, even while you’re living in the modern world of today. The Lakshmi Mangalsutra with Goddess Lakshmi depicted in the pendant, held by a long strand of gold and black beads is the safest bet. This is particularly for those who still love to wear sarees or other Indian wear to work.

Short choker-style Mangalsutra

If you don’t want a long traditional Mangalsutra, you can opt for a shorter choker-style one that can look good with both Indian and western wear. Such a Mangalsutra looks sleek, quirky, and modern, without taking off the traditional feel completely.

Golden Orb Mangalsutra

If you’re looking to blend traditional aspects with contemporary design, but without experimenting too much, you can opt for a simple golden ball-like design incorporated either in the position of the pendant, or at regular intervals in between the strand of golden and black beads. To make it look downright, you could have multiple strands of beads twisted together to form a thick chain, rather than a single thin regular strand of beads. This kind of design looks good with both Indian and western wear.

Layered Mangalsutra

When you’re looking for a fancy design, you can add layers of strands, just like in a Rani Haar. To make it even more impressive, you can add some peacock motifs in the design, either in the center pendant, or on two sides of the pendant. However, this design becomes a little elaborate, which must be carefully designed to subtly suit your office environment.

Geometric design Mangalsutra

Another contemporary design that you can incorporate is a geometric shape. You can choose from simple shapes like circle, square, rectangular, and triangle; or you could opt for other designs like moon and star shapes. These kinds of designs prove to be scintillating to wear on formal wear attires, making them a high-fashion adornment.

Mangalsutras are highly regarded as a much priced possession in terms of their sentimental value. You thus need designers also who are highly regarded to design your sacred and pious thread of bond. So, walk into Aura Jewels, the most trusted and recognized customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you can have any and every kind of design customized as per your choice and style.