5 Best Jewelry Gifting Ideas For Your Lady


5 Best Jewelry Gifting Ideas For Your Lady

Almost every woman loves receiving jewellery gifts from her loved one. It may be her husband or boyfriend, her sibling or parents, or anyone she may know. Whether it’s gold, silver, or platinum, any kind of jewellery is special when gifted to her. And, when it’s studded with sparkling diamonds, pearls, or gemstones, what can be better!? But, with the market overflowing with options, it may g difficult to know where to begin, especially for those who are new to the section of jewellery gifting. This is why we have come up with a list of some classic timeless options for you. Here, in this blog, we’ll showcase some of the best jewellery gifting ideas for you, designed in 18K yellow gold and diamonds, because gold and diamond is a scintillating combination!

Gold-diamond ring

This is one of the safest gift you can give to a lady. Choose an 18K yellow gold ring studded with a big diamond in the center, or smaller tinier diamonds running around the circle of the ring. This is a basic timeless piece of jewellery that every woman admires because it is elegant, and can be worn anywhere and on any occasion.

Gold-diamond earrings

A gorgeous pair of 18K yellow gold-diamond earrings is something that will always be loved. A girl, whether she wears any other kind of jewellery or not, will always wear a pair of nice earrings when she steps out of her house.

Gold-diamond neckpiece

To make it an eye-catching piece that can help your lady stand out from the crowd, you can choose an 18K yellow gold necklace studded with diamonds, preferably small diamonds grouped into clusters. And, if that seems a little too much for you, you can bring it down to a gold-diamond pendant, instead of a whole necklace.

Gold-diamond nosepin

A delicate sophisticated piece that can add elegance to your lady is an 18K yellow gold diamond-studded nosepin. You could choose from a one-diamond stud or a fancy and bigger gemstone-studded nosepin, depending upon the kind of personality your lady dons.

Gold-diamond bangles

If the woman you are gifting to is married, you could certainly add a gold-diamond bangle to your list. You could choose to have a sturdy bold bangle design in 18K yellow gold, studded with a row of diamonds, in a pair of two; or you may choose a set of thinner delicate bangles, in a set of 6 or 12. You may also consider a bracelet style piece if your lady is not too fond of the more traditional bangles.

Choose your pick for your lady love, and bring to her eyes a sparkling glow with any of these jewellery gifts. And, to make sure you’re making a genuine purchase, you can always buy from Aura Jewels, one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore, where you can rest assured to get only hallmarked gold and genuine diamonds. So, even if you are putting in a little more than your budget into buying that special gift, you know that you are making an investment!