10 Must Have Jewellery Pieces For A Bride


10 Must Have Jewellery Pieces For A Bride

Indian weddings have always been a grand celebration of pomp and show. And, in today’s world where big time event managers are hired to arrange for everything from the grand displays, magnificent lighting, and loud sounds, to everything else that can impress the guests, Indian weddings have become only more majestic. But, with the Covid-19 pandemic having struck us so badly, the government has set up rules for Indian weddings. Only a minimal number of guests are allowed to attend the wedding, the number of functions for the rituals are being cut down, no kind of Baarat processions can be carried out, no kind of DJ parties are being planned, and only vegetarian food is being served to the guests.

With all of the above limitations, it may seem as a relief to some, while a cause of disappointment for others. But whatever the case, one thing is for sure, that expenses have significantly come down with all of these restrictions. And, if you are a bride, this should come as a reason for joy. Why? That’s because you now get more to spend on yourself! You can spend a good amount of money now on buying your favourite bridal lehenga or jewellery. In general conditions, you would have to compromise on at least the jewellery, if not the lehenga, but now you don’t need to, because a good amount of money is definitely being saved, thanks to the government guidelines! So, take up the opportunity, and invest in some better exclusive jewellery designs, for the reason that it is your very special day, and all eyes are definitely going to be on you. And, as a reputed customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, we at Aura Jewels, are here to help you know some of the must have jewellery pieces you can finalize upon for your wedding, also offering you to partner with us to customize your entire jewellery trousseau just the way you dream it to be.


This is an obvious for a bride. Depending upon your attire and how much you want to deck your neck, you can choose from a range of necklace types. Depending upon your preference and theme of your attire, you can choose from the most famous mango haaram, addigai, jadavi lachha, and bib necklaces.

Rani haar

Along with your necklace, you can choose to wear a rani haar in combination or in contrast. This is a long majestic neckpiece that can turn heads! It is a very long, regal, layered kind of neckpiece, studded with rubies, diamonds, or emeralds, depending upon the attire you plan on wearing. This bold piece of jewellery is irresistibly gorgeous with a royal touch to it.


No bride can do without large eye-catchy earrings. But, you need to be sure about wearing earrings that suit your face, enhance your makeup, and go well with both your attire and neckpieces. So, that’s a tough choice out there! You can take your time to choose your perfect earrings, but the most popular bridal earrings include danglers, chandelier, jhumka, jhoomar, and chandbali.

Maang teeka or Matha patti

With the earrings and necklace being an obvious for a bride, one thing that will add to your beauty is the headgear. There are two kinds of headgear you can choose from – maang teeka and mathapatthi. Maang teekas will freshen up the look that your mother would have put up on her wedding day. You can choose a design that suits your forehead in terms of size; that is, a broad forehead asks for a heavy maang teeka, while a smaller forehead can call for a lighter graceful maang teeka. The second option is the Matha patti, which can frame your face, to give you a complete doll-like look. Again, you have options to choose from the different types and widths of Matha pattis available.

Nose ring

Another element to give you a face-lift is the nose ring. It can significantly highlight your face. Choose from traditional oversized hoop nose rings with a chain, or the Maharashtrian nath, or any other contemporary design, a nose ring is a perfect addition to complete your look!


So now, we move away from your face, and focus on another aspect that will be eyes – your hands that are filled with heavy mehendi designs. You need to enhance your mehendi design with complementing bangles. It could be the most traditional chooda you would long to wear, or the more elegant polki bangles. You would love to wear the magnificent kaleere or the simplest kappu. The choice is entirely yours to keep it heavy or simple, but be sure that it doesn’t take away the charm from your gorgeous mehendi.


Another essential component to beautify your hands is the ring you intend to wear. Choose from a huge traditional antique gold ring or a complementary colourful cocktail ring that looks good with your attire and other jewellery pieces.


This piece of jewellery can help enhance your arms. While it is seen worn mostly by South Indian brides, or the Maharasthrian, Rajasthani, and Rabari brides, you can don it without hesitation too. Royal heavy bajubandh, temple inspired bajubandh, Marathi traditional design, popular twisted “U” bajubandh, and colourful peacock shaped bajubandh are a few popular types you can choose from.


This is another traditional piece of jewellery you would see brides wearing, especially the South Indian brides. You can bring it on over your North Indian look beautifully too. These are sensuous pieces of jewellery encircling the waist and highlighting your waistline. They can be thin and fine, layered, or thick and heavily studded. You can pair them up with both sarees and lehengas.

Anklets and toe rings

Going further, you can enhance the look of your feet by wearing anklets paired with toe rings. These are ethnic and feminine that can transform your feet from normal to divine, when paired with bridal mehendi!

With this top 10 list, you can now decide upon what you want to wear, and what you want to leave out. And, to decide upon the designs, colours, and motifs, you can always partner with the best customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, for the most perfect bridal jewellery trousseau.