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Beautiful and rare collection of seamless diamond jewellery that is crafted to inspire, is what describes Aura Jewel’s diamond jewellery. Choose from stunning designs from a wide range of rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets and more; and discover the one for you from our exceptionally inspired collection of the best diamond jewellery in Bangalore.

With a vast history of diamond expertise, every Aura Jewels diamond is completely natural and hand-selected that comes with a promise of being true, genuine, and beautiful. Each diamond is carefully sourced to make our collection rare, by being individually selected and graded as per its colour, clarity, cut, and weight; making our collection unique and special. We promise absolute value for money with GIA certified gems that are creatively designed by our expert designers, to bring you both traditional and contemporary styles to suit every man and woman’s choice and occasion.

You have the widest choices to select from at Aura Jewels. Whatever your choice of design – round cut, emerald cut, princess cut, cushion shape, marquise cut, pear cut, oval cut, or heart shape – we have it all for you. You can also choose from the varieties of diamond settings that you would like to have, namely bezel setting, invisible setting, prong setting, common shared prong setting, pave setting, cluster setting, bar setting, gypsy setting, tension setting, channel setting, scallop setting, and trellis setting. Other than this, we also give you complete choice to design your own jewellery piece and have it customized with us, making us the most admired customized diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore today.

With so much to choose from, you can definitely get what you have dreamt of with us. Whether it is for your wedding, for another spotlight occasion, or for daily wear, get everything from individual jewellery articles to complete sets, all under a single roof. So, satisfy all your diamond urges with Aura Jewels, the best jewellery shop in Bangalore, and let everyone envy your collection!