Golden Harvest Saving Scheme

The Golden Harvest Scheme, brought to you by AURA, is one of the best jewellery Purchase Schemes ever, leading to an easy purchase of AURA jewellery of your choice. Under the Gold Investment Plan, you can buy for more than what you pay because you will secure your Gold purchase and get benefit of buying Gold on Monthly Basis for 15 Months. It will be in as small as 0.5 Gms of Gold Investment on Monthly Basis & on 16th Month you will be benefited with Total of upto 18% off on making Charges on 22 karat Gold Jewellery .

Plan In Advance

You can use this scheme to plan for many special events – jewellery for your wife’s /daughters next birthday, or a surprise gift for your wife on your next wedding anniversary, or a jewellery purchase for the next important festival.

You can buy 22 Karat pure gold jewellery which has been designed by award winning designers and crafted by expert karigars.

On enrolling, you can select an amount of your choice as monthly advance payment for 0.5 Gms of Gold & It’s Respective Gold rate of 22 karat For the Day. You will also get a passbook to keep track of your payments. All you have to do is pay Fifteen equal monthly advance payments. After making the advance payment for the last month, you can buy your favourite Gold jewellery, except special items like Diamond, Platinum, Uncut Diamonds, Ruby, Emerald, and, Pooja items, Silver articles & Silver jewellery without wastage I Value Addition at 0 % ) charges. The customer can opt the gold weight based option. The customer is entitled to buy the jewellery on the 16th month.

Pay Through Credit, Debit Card, Net-Banking Online

You can pay your next instalment for your GHS accounts through your debit/credit card, net banking. OR through our Website online.

Illustration Of Golden Harvest Scheme

A jewellery saving scheme that allows individuals to invest in the precious metal in a smart way.

AURA JEWELS Golden Harvest Scheme is made for everyone.

Aura – Golden Harvest Scheme

Benefits And Features

  • After paying an installment every month, individuals will have gold credited to their account at the rate at that time.
  • Implying that individuals purchase gold each month at the rate at that time instead of just at maturity.
  • This ensures that the investment is protected from changing gold rates.
  • Individuals can pay through various methods such as debit/credit cards, cash, DD, etc.